Discord Image Spoiler Tagger

Need to upload an image to Discord as a spoiler on mobile? Too lazy to rename the file?

Let me do the job for you! Upload your image, and click the big "Mark As Spoilers" button.

When successful, a new image should be downloaded to your device with the correct naming, allowing you to upload the image as a spoiler on Discord for mobile. ✨


I made this simple tool because I'm too lazy to deal with this on mobile the manual way. 🤷

For the longest time, marking an image as a spoiler on Discord for mobile hasn't been (and as of April 2021, still isn't) a possibility in the app itself.

Instead, you need to manually rename an image to include the text SPOILER_ at the beginning of the file name. Compared to desktop/laptop systems, this can be a slow/annoying process on a lot of mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets.


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